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What are we trying to achieve?


The Batti Project is a social project, with a difference.

Built on a financially sustainable model, which does not accept charity or work on donations, it is an effort to bring light to people and places left in the dark, while creating value for all stakeholders - children, NGOs, and buyers of our lamps, whether individuals or companies. 

We are from India. We share our country, with 1.1 billion other Indians, around 70%, that is, around 750 million of whom live in rural areas.

The vast majority of those millions live in one or two small rooms, with an electrical connection that powers typically a couple of 60-watt bulbs, and a fan. 

For millions, power outages are a daily fact of life. Sometimes for a few minutes, but more often, for several hours. These power-outages can happen several times a day, without any prior warning.

Become a participant in our sustainable model, and be part of the story to light up rural lives in India.


The Seafire® Batti

The Seafire Batti was designed with two purposes :

To raise funds through commercial sales - As a table lamp, for students, offices, and as a corporate gift. 

As a design-driven, social solution to bring light to children in rural India, during power outages : 

With the funds raised from commercial sales, we donate lamps to low-income families in the worst power-outage affected areas of rural India.

Designed as a long lasting product, rechargeable with a mobile charger, the Seafire® Batti charges from a common plug-point, and uses a very low-power, high-lumen 2-Watt LED. It re-charges whenever the power supply is there. And gives light, whenever there the power goes.


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