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The Batti Project is a social project, with a difference. Which is that it works on a financially sustainable model, which doesn't depend on charity or donations.

Instead, we work with leading brands, as well as event management companies, to whom we supply our lamps. To give to their employees, clients, and at networking and corporate events, as an inexpensive but stylish gift.

With the funds we raise, we give away lamps free of cost to children from the lowest-income groups, in villages in rural India.

How do you know whom to give the free lamps out to ?

We identify these children in partnership with NGOs, and assess the impact of this intervention through periodic follow ups.

Become a participant in our sustainable model, and make a statement about the values that your company and brand stand for.

The Seafire® Batti

The Seafire Batti is designed as a long lasting product, to provide a high quality and lasting solution to the problem of no light.

It is rechargeable either with a mobile charger, or with the wire provided with the Batti.

Using very energy-efficient, high-lumen LED light, the Batti  re-charges whenever the power supply is there. And gives light, whenever the power goes.


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