Light up someone's life

Help starts at home


Do you have a maid-servant? A cook, a cleaner, a driver, a servant? Do you use labour at your construction site? Your hired help probably comes from Bihar, Jharkhand, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, or another Indian state with power problems. 

Light up your domestic staff's house. Help her kids to study after dark, and let her see what she is cooking.

Receive a Batti at your home, and give it to your help to take back to "desh". 

Or pay online and send us your help's address. We will deliver direct to their village or small town, anywhere in India, and send you the tracking details.

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Corporate gifting


Buy a Batti to give as a gift. Order in small lots of 50 to 100 pieces for giving out at corporate functions, events, and as token gifts to clients and business associates. 

Your company's CSR activity and the impact it is having, will be mentioned in each box.

Profits from gifting, go towards supplying the Batti at subsidized rates, in rural areas with poor power supply.

We work with corporates worldwide, and ship globally via DHL.

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NGOs and CSR


Are you an NGO, trust, CSR wing of a company,  looking to bring light to children in a rural school or small town facing power cuts?

The Batti, with a suitable adapter, will integrate with and charge from a 3W or 5W solar panel, which we can also include with each Batti for off-grid and remote locations.

We will be happy to work with you based on your specific goal and project need.

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