BECOME A STAKEHOLDER - Light up someone's life

FOR CORPORATES : Reach out to your investors and customers with a special gift


Buy a Batti to give as a corporate gift. 

For every lamp you buy, we will give away another, in a village in India.

The Seafire Batti is an elegant gift for giving out at corporate functions, events, and as token gifts to clients and business associates. 

It is a way to create goodwill for your company, and a far more powerful and meaningful present, than the usual chocolates, wine bottles, passport folders, or keychains.

Your company's purchase of our Battis, and the impact your company is making, will be mentioned in each box.

We work with corporates worldwide, and ship globally via DHL, with offerings tailor-made to specific company needs.

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Are you an NGO, trust, CSR wing of a company,  looking to bring light to children in a rural school or small town facing power cuts?

On passing our basic verification process, we will provide you with Battis free of cost for purposes of donation to low-income families in power-outage affected areas.

If you are running a women's entrepreneurship program, subsidized prices can be arranged.

The SeafireĀ® Batti is a durable product with a design life of up to 5 years. With a suitable adapter, it will integrate with and charge from a 3W or 5W solar panel, which we can also include with each Batti for off-grid and remote locations.

We will be happy to work with you based on your specific goal and project need.

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