What is The SEAFIRE® Batti ?


The Seafire® Batti is a folding table lamp, which is an attractive gift at conferences and networking events, and is also a statement about your company's values.

It is also a rechargeable solution to the problem of no light during power outages, which enables children at the bottom of the pyramid in Indian villages to study, when there is no power, and consequently no light, for hours at a time.

The Batti's 2 Watt LED is also designed to provide high-lumen light, while consuming as little power as possible, increasing the battery life and the hours of light, in an energy efficient way, with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Unlike most of the low quality lights available to Bottom of Pyramid consumers. which typically malfunction in a few weeks or months, the high quality levels of the Batti, mean that it is built to last for 4 to 5 years - 

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