What is the Batti ?


The SeafireĀ® Batti is designed with two purposes in mind :

To be a stylish, portable reading lamp, and an attractive corporate gift.

It can be used by your bedside as a reading light or night-light (on dimmer mode), and for any one who does minute work. For instance, a watch-maker, or a jeweler. 

It is also a solution which is useful to millions of families at the Bottom of the Pyramid, in rural India, who face problems with power outages almost daily.

Since the Batti's 2 Watt LED is designed to provide high-lumen light, while consuming as little power as possible, that increases the battery life and the hours of light, in an energy efficient way.

Unlike most of the low quality lights available to Bottom of Pyramid consumers. which typically malfunction in a few weeks or months, the high quality levels of the Batti, mean that it is built to last for 4 to 5 years - 

We supply the Batti to villages all over India facing power outages, either free or charge, or at subsidized prices which are 50% to 75%, or more, below cost, to help make sure kids can study, and the evening meal can be cooked.

Stakeholders can become part of our mission to get our Battis into as many rural homes as possible !