The Batti Project is an initiative of Seafire® Power.

We are a design-driven social company based in Kolkata and Mumbai. We design for impact, and build holistic solutions around specific real-world problems.

We are not an NGO, or a charity, and hence we don't ask for or expect free funds. 

Our social projects focus on developing real-world solutions backed by sustainable financial models, to achieve maximum social impact, scalability, and long term viability.

In addition to the Batti Project, our other current projects include :

- Clean cookstoves for addressing carbon monoxide poisoning and climate change.

- Parabolic mirrors for microthermal solar applications, replacing diesel usage with renewable energy.

- Improving farm animal productivity through optimal nutrition

We're inspired by John Lennon, but also by great design. Which is why we have a little Spitfire as our logo.

Power to the people.

Power to the people.

Power to the people.

Power to the people, right on.

Singin' we want a revolution,

we better get it on right away...

                                   - John Lennon