The Batti Project is an initiative of SeafireĀ® Power.

We are a design-driven social company based in Kolkata and Mumbai. We design for impact, and build holistic solutions around specific real-world problems.

We are not an NGO, or a charity, and hence we don't ask for or expect free funds. 

Our social projects focus on developing real-world solutions backed by sustainable financial models, to achieve maximum social impact, scalability, and long term viability.

In addition to the Batti Project, our other current projects include:

- Clean cookstoves for addressing carbon monoxide poisoning and climate change.

- Parabolic mirrors for microthermal solar applications, replacing diesel usage with renewable energy.

- Improving farm animal productivity through optimal nutrition

We believe in tools for people. If we understand people's needs and problems, and create solutions with empathy, placing the right tools into people's hands, they will help themselves much better, than we can do through charity.

As John Lennon once said, Power to the people.